Regeneration pillow EnergyON made of Visco foam with Celliant cover for more relaxation during sleep, height adjustable neck support pillow
The pillow for proven faster regeneration The EnergyON pillow promotes regeneration during sleep. As a result you recover more actively and show more energy and performance during the day. The neck support pillow is therefore ideal for athletes and top...
89,95 €
Side sleeper pillow GIANFAR with neck bow, orthopaedic cervical neck support pillow made of Visco foam with thermal cover
The ideal pillow for side sleepers The GIANFAR pillow is the ideal pillow for everyone who sleeps in a purely lateral position - i.e. with both legs dressed, parallel on top of each other - thanks to the specially developed...
from 89,95 €
Reisekissen VOLAR, ergonomisches Nackenkissen für unterwegs aus Visco-Schaum mit Thermo-Bezug, 40 x 25 cm
The ideal companion on the road The travel pillow VOLAR is the perfect companion for travelling. Whether you are travelling by car, plane or train, in a hotel or even in a tent on a beautiful mountain tour, with the...
29,95 €
Aloe Vera neck support pillow NuMOON, pillow made of visco foam with Babus activated carbon, skin caring cover, suitable for all sleeping positions
The wellness pillow for natural relaxation The NuMOON aloe vera pillow is the best pillow for all those who are looking for a soothing rest while sleeping. With its skin-caring cover and viscoelastic foam with bamboo activated charcoal, it contributes...
79,95 €
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