Thank you for your purchase! We hope that you will enjoy our pillow and that it will give you long restful nights. For proper care of the pillow, please follow these instructions:

How should you care for your pillow?

Foam Core

The Foam Core can not be washed at all!


The material is very delicate and we cannot guarantee your attempts to wash the core.


Our SPRAY² Clean pillow sprays help you to care for the pillow core. They effectively fight mites, bacteria and possible odors on the pillow. Simply spray the pillow on all sides and let it act and air out for several hours. With the fresh and balanced fragrances Morning Sun and Fresh Forest, you will enjoy a clean feeling and can experience a peaceful and healthy sleep comfort.


Functional covers

  • Maschinenwäsche geeignet
  • Bis zu einer Temperatur von 40°C (Thermic) bzw. 30°C (Thermic QuickDry) waschen
  • Bleichen nicht erlaubt
  • Das bedeutet es sollte nur mit Color- oder Feinwaschmittel gewaschen werden
  • Kann nicht im Wäschetrockner getrocknet werden
  • Bitte auch nicht schontrocknen
  • Nicht bügeln
  • Weder bei hoher noch bei niedriger Temperatur
  • Spezielle Anweisung, wenn professionelle Textilreinigung durchgeführt wird
  • Reinigen mit Perchlorethylen

The covers of the pillow can be washed as follows:

Frequently asked questions:

How often should the functional cover be washed?

The functional cover should be washed 1 - 2 times a month.

Can I put regular bedding over the pillow?

Feel free to use your own bedding or a cotton cover for the pillow.

How long does it take for the pillow core to unfold?

The foam core usually needs a few hours to unfold completly. Especially if this was rolled up longer and the ambient temperature is cold, it can take up to half a day until the core has unfolded.


Please do not dispose of the roll-up, because this way you can take your beloved pillow compactly with you when you travel.


Das Aufrolltuch bitte nicht entsorgen, denn so kannst du dein geliebtes Kissen überall mit hinnehmen.

The perfect care for your pillow!