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    Bet­ter sleeping cli­mate results in healt­hier sleep

    In order to allow for a good reco­very and a healthy night sleep, the human body lowers its core tem­pe­ra­ture by 1.5°C in the late eve­ning hours and the first half of the night. This is only pos­si­ble through human eva­po­ra­tion that allows the aver­age adult to per­spire 700 ml of liquid each night.

    If the cli­mate in the so cal­led "sleep cave" – the area bet­ween the slee­per and its cover – is too humid, our body expe­ri­en­ces pro­blems in con­trol­ling its core tem­pe­ra­ture and thus our sleep qua­lity suffers.

    Per­for­mance Sleep­wear for a healthy sleep climate

    Per­for­mance Sleep­wear by Third of Life is demons­tra­bly supe­rior to cot­ton night­wear in absor­bing mois­ture, trans­fer­ring it away from the body and ensu­ring a com­pel­ling sleep cli­mate:

    • Signi­fi­cant less moisture
    • Bet­ter sleep cli­mate in more than 70% of the night
    • Time of sleep in cli­ma­tic com­fort zone is up to three times longer
    • Advan­ta­ges over cot­ton are the big­ger the war­mer the tem­pe­ra­ture in the bedroom

    Details on the sleep cli­mate study

    Bare slee­pers sleep worse!

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    Four good rea­sons not to sleep naked

    1. The body is too busy with keeping its tem­pe­ra­ture on the desi­red level, when sleeping wit­hout nightwear
    2. During REM sleep the body loses its abi­lity to manage its tem­pe­ra­ture. The­re­fore, chill and ten­si­ons might occur locally even in warm nights
    3. Not wea­ring night­wear leads to sweat stay­ing lon­ger on the skin and not being trans­fer­red away
    4. Most people only change bed covers every 1-2 weeks – from a hygie­ni­cally per­spec­tive not fre­quently enough when sleeping naked


    Three collec­tions, one value pro­po­si­tion:
    Enhan­ced sleep, bet­ter per­for­mance and well­being the fol­lo­wing day



    AVIOR Sleepwear

    Cli­mate con­trol – Per­fect mois­ture and tem­pe­ra­ture management

    • Pro­ven func­tio­na­lity to improve sleep
    • Mix&Match for men and women
    • Long-sleeve shirt, short-sleeve shirt, trou­sers, shorts
    • Mate­rial: MicroModal®AIR, Polyamide
    • Star­ting at GBP 35.00


    ALHENA Sleepwear

    Skin care – Sleep bet­ter & improve your skin appearance

    • Pro­ven and per­ma­nent skin care func­tion (anti-cellulite)
    • Women
    • Leg­gings long, leg­gings ¾ capri … com­bi­nes with AVIOR/SUBRA shirts
    • Mate­rial: MicroModal®AIR, emana® Polyamide
    • Star­ting at GBP 40.00


    SUBRA Sleepwear

    Silky Vogue – Fashion meets Function

    • Mois­ture wicking func­tion com­bi­ned with a fashio­nable style
    • Mix&Match for women
    • ¾-sleeve shirt, trou­sers, slee­ve­l­ess shirt, kni­ckers, bodysuits
    • Mate­rial: MicroModal®AIR, Silk, Polyamide
    • Star­ting at GBP 30.00


    How it works?

    The big disad­van­tage of night­wear made of cot­ton is that it soaks up mois­ture and keeps humi­dity on the skin.

    Through its two lay­ers with spe­ci­fic func­tio­nal areas, Third of Life’s per­for­mance sleep­wear is a gar­ment with out­stan­ding mois­ture wicking features:

    • The first layer (directly on the skin) is hydro­pho­bic, so it directly leads mois­ture to the outside
    • In con­trast, the second layer (exte­rior) is hydro­phi­lic, absorbs and dis­tri­bu­tes the mois­ture so that it eva­po­ra­tes quickly

    The func­tio­nal areas fea­ture various knit­ting struc­tures that accom­mo­date to the local cli­ma­tic requi­re­ments. For example, a mesh struc­ture in the axilla that allows for a bet­ter ventilation.

    Pro­duct Features

    Optimal moisture management

    Opti­mal mois­ture manage­ment
    Pre­mium qua­lity, mois­ture wicking yarn com­po­si­tion keeps you dry

    Enhanced thermoregulation

    Enhan­ced ther­mo­re­gu­la­tion
    Pre­ci­sely map­ped war­ming and ven­ti­la­tion zones regu­late your body temperature

    High comfort

    Extre­mely high com­fort
    Silky smooth, light­weight yarns for the hig­hest well-being

    Ideal fit

    Ideal fit
    Fit that is slim but not too tight. The night­wear fits well and does not move nor twist


    What cust­o­mers say about our sleepwear?

    "My first Sleep­Shirt is defi­ni­tely not my last. The pro­duct lives up to its pro­mise: one sweats less! The mate­rial is extre­mely soft and the wea­ring com­fort outstanding."

    Dr. Ilona Zen­ker

    "Since I use Third of Life's sleep­wear and nut­ri­tion, I do sleep signi­fi­cantly bet­ter and my per­for­mance has increased."

    Mar­kus Brand
    Regis­te­red Moun­tain Guide

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    "The first time in the sleep­wear just felt sen­sa­tio­nal. Just as a second skin. Since then I star­ted sleeping signi­fi­cantly bet­ter and I do not lon­ger wake up in the night to change my sweaty pyjamas."

    Harry Ploema­cher

    "I was really scep­ti­cal, whe­ther the sleep­wear would work, since my boy­fri­end sweats hea­vily during the night. Now I know, it is not only very com­for­ta­ble and fits per­fectly, but he sweats much less in it and espe­cially he does not smell bad any lon­ger in the morning."

    Con­stanze Kuen­sch­ner

    "I am very taken with the sleep­wear and I am con­vin­ced to sleep bet­ter and nota­bly more rela­xed than before!"

    Goetz Nafe
    Mana­ging Director

    "The sleep­wear fits per­fectly and has a high wea­ring com­fort. Since I own sleep­wear by Third of Life, there was no sin­gle night I was not wea­ring it."

    Michael Klein
    Real Estate Agent


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    Sports Pros rely on Third of Life ...

    Klaus Maierstein, 1. FC Cologne

    "Toge­ther with Third of Life, we have deve­l­o­ped a Sleep­Guide with various mea­su­res to improve our team's per­for­mance through an opti­mi­zed sleep. Their pro­ducts play a major role: the per­for­mance sleep­wear, the sleep supp­le­ment as well as the Smart­Foam pillows."

    Klaus Mai­er­stein, 1. FC Colo­gne
    Head of phy­sio­the­rapy and rehabilitation

    Svenja Bazlen

    "Tri­ath­lon is a very chal­len­ging sport with an intense trai­ning and extre­mely high pres­sure. Opti­mal rege­ne­ra­tion is cru­cial for my suc­cess. Hence, Third of Life helps me to improve my sleep and my regeneration."

    Svenja Baz­len
    Tri­ath­lete, Olym­pic athlete

    Manuel Machata

    "As a bobs­led pilot you have to anti­ci­pate the exact course of the cur­ves of various runs at a speed of 150 km/h. Phy­si­cal and espe­cially men­tal fit­ness is cru­cial and deci­des about suc­cess or failure. To improve in this aspect, I am working with Third of Life. They help me to opti­mize my rege­ne­ra­tion in the night."

    Manuel Machata
    World Cham­pion, Euro­pean Cham­pion
    and Cham­pion of Bobs­led World cup

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