Better sleep with
    Performance Sleepwear

    Better sleeping climate results in healthier sleep

    In order to allow for a good recovery and a healthy night sleep, the human body lowers its core temperature by 1.5°C in the late evening hours and the first half of the night. This is only possible through human evaporation that allows the average adult to perspire 700 ml of liquid each night.

    If the climate in the so called “sleep cave” – the area between the sleeper and its cover – is too humid, our body experiences problems in controlling its core temperature and thus our sleep quality suffers.

    Performance Sleepwear for a healthy sleep climate

    Performance Sleepwear by Third of Life is demonstrably superior to cotton nightwear in absorbing moisture, transferring it away from the body and ensuring a compelling sleep climate:

    • Significant less moisture
    • Better sleep climate in more than 70% of the night
    • Time of sleep in climatic comfort zone is up to three times longer
    • Advantages over cotton are the bigger the warmer the temperature in the bedroom

    Details on the sleep climate study

    Bare sleepers sleep worse!

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    Four good reasons not to sleep naked

    1. The body is too busy with keeping its temperature on the desired level, when sleeping without nightwear
    2. During REM sleep the body loses its ability to manage its temperature. Therefore, chill and tensions might occur locally even in warm nights
    3. Not wearing nightwear leads to sweat staying longer on the skin and not being transferred away
    4. Most people only change bed covers every 1-2 weeks – from a hygienically perspective not frequently enough when sleeping naked


    Three collections, one value proposition:
    Enhanced sleep, better performance and wellbeing the following day



    AVIOR Sleepwear

    Climate control – Perfect moisture and temperature management

    • Proven functionality to improve sleep
    • Mix&Match for men and women
    • Long-sleeve shirt, short-sleeve shirt, trousers, shorts
    • Material: MicroModal®AIR, Polyamide
    • Starting at GBP 35.00


    ALHENA Sleepwear

    Skin care – Sleep better & improve your skin appearance

    • Proven and permanent skin care function (anti-cellulite)
    • Women
    • Leggings long, leggings ¾ capri … combines with AVIOR/SUBRA shirts
    • Material: MicroModal®AIR, emana® Polyamide
    • Starting at GBP 40.00


    SUBRA Sleepwear

    Silky Vogue – Fashion meets Function

    • Moisture wicking function combined with a fashionable style
    • Mix&Match for women
    • ¾-sleeve shirt, trousers, sleeveless shirt, knickers, bodysuits
    • Material: MicroModal®AIR, Silk, Polyamide
    • Starting at GBP 30.00


    How it works?

    The big disadvantage of nightwear made of cotton is that it soaks up moisture and keeps humidity on the skin.

    Through its two layers with specific functional areas, Third of Life’s performance sleepwear is a garment with outstanding moisture wicking features:

    • The first layer (directly on the skin) is hydrophobic, so it directly leads moisture to the outside
    • In contrast, the second layer (exterior) is hydrophilic, absorbs and distributes the moisture so that it evaporates quickly

    The functional areas feature various knitting structures that accommodate to the local climatic requirements. For example, a mesh structure in the axilla that allows for a better ventilation.

    Product Features

    Optimal moisture management

    Optimal moisture management
    Premium quality, moisture wicking yarn composition keeps you dry

    Enhanced thermoregulation

    Enhanced thermoregulation
    Precisely mapped warming and ventilation zones regulate your body temperature

    High comfort

    Extremely high comfort
    Silky smooth, lightweight yarns for the highest well-being

    Ideal fit

    Ideal fit
    Fit that is slim but not too tight. The nightwear fits well and does not move nor twist


    What customers say about our sleepwear?

    “My first SleepShirt is definitely not my last. The product lives up to its promise: one sweats less! The material is extremely soft and the wearing comfort outstanding.”

    Dr. Ilona Zenker

    “Since I use Third of Life’s sleepwear and nutrition, I do sleep significantly better and my performance has increased.”

    Markus Brand
    Registered Mountain Guide

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    “The first time in the sleepwear just felt sensational. Just as a second skin. Since then I started sleeping significantly better and I do not longer wake up in the night to change my sweaty pyjamas.”

    Harry Ploemacher

    “I was really sceptical, whether the sleepwear would work, since my boyfriend sweats heavily during the night. Now I know, it is not only very comfortable and fits perfectly, but he sweats much less in it and especially he does not smell bad any longer in the morning.”

    Con­stanze Kuen­sch­ner

    “I am very taken with the sleepwear and I am convinced to sleep better and notably more relaxed than before!”

    Goetz Nafe
    Managing Director

    “The sleepwear fits perfectly and has a high wearing comfort. Since I own sleepwear by Third of Life, there was no single night I was not wearing it.”

    Michael Klein
    Real Estate Agent


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    Sports Pros rely on Third of Life …

    Klaus Maierstein, 1. FC Cologne

    “Together with Third of Life, we have developed a SleepGuide with various measures to improve our team’s performance through an optimized sleep. Their products play a major role: the performance sleepwear, the sleep supplement as well as the SmartFoam pillows.”

    Klaus Maierstein, 1. FC Cologne
    Head of physiotherapy and rehabilitation

    Svenja Bazlen

    “Triathlon is a very challenging sport with an intense training and extremely high pressure. Optimal regeneration is crucial for my success. Hence, Third of Life helps me to improve my sleep and my regeneration.”

    Svenja Bazlen
    Triathlete, Olympic athlete

    Manuel Machata

    “As a bobsled pilot you have to anticipate the exact course of the curves of various runs at a speed of 150 km/h. Physical and especially mental fitness is crucial and decides about success or failure. To improve in this aspect, I am working with Third of Life. They help me to optimize my regeneration in the night.”

    Manuel Machata
    World Champion, European Champion
    and Champion of Bobsled World cup

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