The sleeping
    climate study

    Bet­ter sleep. Proven!


    Per­for­mance Sleep­wear by Third of Life demons­tra­bly out­matches cot­ton night­wear if it comes to trans­fer­ring mois­ture away from the body and ensu­ring a com­pel­ling sleep cli­mate:

    • Signi­fi­cant less moisture
    • Bet­ter sleep cli­mate in more than 70% of the night
    • Time of sleep in cli­ma­tic com­fort zone is up to three times longer
    • Advan­ta­ges over cot­ton are the big­ger the war­mer the tem­pe­ra­ture in the bedroom


    How did we measure?

    The study was done by c.russ-NETCONSULT, an inde­pen­dent supplier of cli­mate mea­su­re­ment. In order to mea­sure the cli­mate in the "sleep cave" bet­ween the slee­per and its cover THG Sleep­View was used. It is a sen­sor 70x140 cm blan­ket equip­ped with 46 sen­sors that mea­sure tem­pe­ra­ture and mois­ture every 10 seconds. The data of a couple of nights was com­pa­red (each night with 7,5 hours of sleep):

    • Cold night (approx. 17°C tem­pe­ra­ture in bedroom): cot­ton night­wear vs. Third of Life Sleepwear
    • Warm night (approx. 23°C tem­pe­ra­ture in bedroom): cot­ton night­wear vs. Third of Life Sleepwear

    The data can be ana­ly­zed with cur­ves that reveal the deve­lop­ment over the night and with two-dimensional heat and mois­ture maps that reveal the dis­tri­bu­tion over the sleeper's body.

    Where is the cli­ma­tic com­fort zone?

    Cli­mate is the result of an inter­ac­tion bet­ween tem­pe­ra­ture and mois­ture. Com­fort is exactly at the point where the orga­nism just not sweats. Thus accu­mu­la­ted mois­ture has to be avo­ided, because it increa­ses the per­cei­ved heat.

    A study of the Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ence in Munich (Morena/Kurz/Krah, 2011) sug­gests that cli­ma­tic com­fort in a micro cli­mate – as it is below the bed cover – requires

    1. a tem­pe­ra­ture below 35,5°C and
    2. a rela­tive humi­dity of under 60%


    The results of the study

    One major fin­ding of the study is that Third of Life's sleep­wear keeps the slee­per signi­fi­cantly lon­ger in the cli­ma­tic com­fort zone than cot­ton nightwear.

    The advan­tage of the per­for­mance sleep­wear is even big­ger in warm nights when mois­ture manage­ment is much more critical.

    In the warm night (~23°C) the slee­per was kept three times lon­ger in the com­fort zone with Third of Life's sleepwear!

    Time in comfort zone

    Ano­ther com­pa­ri­son shows that in regards of the sleeping cli­mate of Third of Life's sleep­wear is supe­rior to cot­ton night­wear by 71% (cold night) respec­tively by 73% (warm night) of the night. That leads to a hig­her sleep qua­lity and a healt­hier sleep.


    Results of warm night


    Results of cold night



    When com­pa­ring the heat and mois­ture maps during the night, it beco­mes obvious that the mois­ture in the "sleep cave" is much lower when wea­ring Per­for­mance Sleep­wear by Third of Life. Sug­gesting that when wea­ring this sleep­wear during the night, the body is able to con­trol its core tem­pe­ra­ture easier through eva­po­ra­tion, the­re­fore the sleep qua­lity and the rege­ne­ra­tion during the night is better.


    Warm night

    Cold night 1st cycle Cold night 5th cycle

    Cold night

    Warm night 1st cycle Warm night 5th cycle