The sleeping
    climate study

    Better sleep. Proven!


    Performance Sleepwear by Third of Life demonstrably outmatches cotton nightwear if it comes to transferring moisture away from the body and ensuring a compelling sleep climate:

    • Significant less moisture
    • Better sleep climate in more than 70% of the night
    • Time of sleep in climatic comfort zone is up to three times longer
    • Advantages over cotton are the bigger the warmer the temperature in the bedroom


    How did we measure?

    The study was done by c.russ-NETCONSULT, an independent supplier of climate measurement. In order to measure the climate in the “sleep cave” between the sleeper and its cover THG SleepView was used. It is a sensor 70×140 cm blanket equipped with 46 sensors that measure temperature and moisture every 10 seconds. The data of a couple of nights was compared (each night with 7,5 hours of sleep):

    • Cold night (approx. 17°C temperature in bedroom): cotton nightwear vs. Third of Life Sleepwear
    • Warm night (approx. 23°C temperature in bedroom): cotton nightwear vs. Third of Life Sleepwear

    The data can be analyzed with curves that reveal the development over the night and with two-dimensional heat and moisture maps that reveal the distribution over the sleeper’s body.

    Where is the climatic comfort zone?

    Climate is the result of an interaction between temperature and moisture. Comfort is exactly at the point where the organism just not sweats. Thus accumulated moisture has to be avoided, because it increases the perceived heat.

    A study of the University of Applied Science in Munich (Morena/Kurz/Krah, 2011) suggests that climatic comfort in a micro climate – as it is below the bed cover – requires

    1. a temperature below 35,5°C and
    2. a relative humidity of under 60%


    The results of the study

    One major finding of the study is that Third of Life’s sleepwear keeps the sleeper significantly longer in the climatic comfort zone than cotton nightwear.

    The advantage of the performance sleepwear is even bigger in warm nights when moisture management is much more critical.

    In the warm night (~23°C) the sleeper was kept three times longer in the comfort zone with Third of Life’s sleepwear!

    Time in comfort zone

    Another comparison shows that in regards of the sleeping climate of Third of Life’s sleepwear is superior to cotton nightwear by 71% (cold night) respectively by 73% (warm night) of the night. That leads to a higher sleep quality and a healthier sleep.


    Results of warm night


    Results of cold night



    When comparing the heat and moisture maps during the night, it becomes obvious that the moisture in the “sleep cave” is much lower when wearing Performance Sleepwear by Third of Life. Suggesting that when wearing this sleepwear during the night, the body is able to control its core temperature easier through evaporation, therefore the sleep quality and the regeneration during the night is better.


    Warm night

    Cold night 1st cycle Cold night 5th cycle

    Cold night

    Warm night 1st cycle Warm night 5th cycle